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Mercury Research has developed appropriate research tools to offer invaluable information to help marketing professionals better understand their markets. We acknowledge the important differences between particular industries and have designed special strategic research tools to adequately describe each market. We acknowledge the important differences between particular industries and have designed

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  • ImproveFit <analiză conjoint>

    Prior knowledge of customer preference allows our clients to design new products and services that best fit the needs and expectations of the targeted segments. The customers…

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  • MarketFit <test de piață simulat>

    Before launch or before a real market test, the best indication of the future potential for a new product is a more complex simulated market test. The research test mimics…

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  • TrialFit <testarea produselor>

    Ideally, a brilliant new product concept should develop into an equally brilliant actual product. Once the new product is available, one should test if the customers reactions…

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  • PriceSpan <studii de stabilire a prețurilor>

    Price sensitivity studies help you decide on the optimum price range for an existing brand or a new product. How much can you cut your price so that your consumer would not…

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  • PackDrive <testare ambalaj>

    Our PackDrive methodology allows you to: assess the influence of launching a new package design in terms of purchasing intentions obtain insights on how to improve the package…

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  • ExploreFit <testarea conceptului>

    Many new products start with a marketing idea, and for these cases a product concept is the first outcome in the new product development. It is our belief that each company…

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